You dream it

Custom-designed cakes and cookies

Lends magical charm to your event

Some people are full of charm.
They’re popular and well-liked, because it just feels good to be in their company.

Some events are full of charm.
Events that everyone discusses, events everyone wants to attend.
Events that make participants feel valued and cherished.

Personal appeal is an inborn trait, but appealing events are an art.
Yes, you can turn an event into an “EVENT” so brimming with appeal and charm that people are sure to rave.
Chana Brandys
is an artist who creates unique cakes and cookies that must be seen to be believed.
Chana, who was born in the US, has studied professional baking and garnered years of experience beautifying hundreds of events.
Chana is constantly innovating, suiting her masterpieces to the character of each event. She’d be delighted to use her special gift to create the cake of your dreams – the cake that will lend your event that special magical effect.

engagement party

Charm your guests with a breathtakingly beautiful multi-tiered cake or exquisite cookies crafted with incredible attention to detail. Of course, every item is completely unique.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah
Cakes and Cookies

Grace your sweet-table with a charming custom-made cake or personalized cookies reflecting the young boy or girl’s unique personality. Cookies can also be placed at each setting as a unique memento of an unforgettable event!

Birthday Cakes

Charm the birthday boy or girl with a cake that perfectly captures his/her essence. Tell Chana where his/her interests lie and prepare to be amazed at what Bake-a-Wish can turn into a cake!

Cakes & Cookies
for Various Events

Housewarming? Goodbye party? Grand opening for a new business? Theme party? Nothing makes a party quite like the perfect cake. Let Bake-a-Wish create the centerpiece of your dreams.

"It's A Boy/Girl"
Cakes and Cookies

Make a bris/kiddush/baby shower special with a cake that’s sure to elicit oohs and ahhs from guests. Could there be a sweeter way to welcome a new addition?

Let us
work our magic
on your event

Chana Brandys

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